The Logan Rutledge Children’s foundation presents the annual Lowcountry Splash Open Water Swim.

Most of the following information is valid for the Lowcountry Splash.  Please check back for the updated content as the swim date approaches because these times and dates may change.

We have the go-ahead for the 6 mile swim this year. We are changing the start location from the original (pre-2019) 5 mile start location due to construction on Daniel Island Park and pier and the start this year will be directly underneath the 526 Wando River bridge on the Daniel Island side of the Wando River.


Please see the updated Splash Timeline and Schedule for Events for dates and times. Please check back here often as this timeline will be updated as the event nears.

Start Location:


Registration - 2015 Stats = 450 participants for 2.4 Mile Splash. 191 for the 5 Mile Splash.

No Race Day Registration - must be pre-registered to participate!


Entry Fee is non-refundable including the event of inclement weather, water conditions or issues beyond our control.

Fees include t-shirt, drawstring bag, swim cap and reception at the awards ceremony at the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Center. 

Race Course

Race Course: Both the 6 mile and the 2.4 mile open water swim (same as the IronMan Triathlon) will take place in the Wando River and Charleston Harbor. Swimmers for the 6 mile Splash will start at the directly underneath the 526 Wando River bridge on Daniel Island and swimmers for the 2.4 mile Splash will start at Hobcaw Yacht Club, swimming along the Mount Pleasant shoreline, under the New Cooper River Bridge, passing the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier and finish at the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Center.


Packet Pick Up

Friday race packet pick up will be at the Roper St. Francis-ATI Physical Therapy - Mount Pleasant - Lone Tree Drive. Race day packet pick up will be at the shuttle area the Patriots Point.  See updated Splash Timeline and Schedule for Events for times.

Body marking and Numbered Swim Cap at Shuttle Pickup.

For those being dropped off at Daniel Island Pier or Hobcaw Yacht Club, you will not be able to pick up your race packet here, but you will be able to have body marking done there.

Swim Caps: Swimmers must wear the swim cap provided in race packet. You must wear the cap for the entire swim. If you cross the finish line without a cap you will be disqualified. If your cap comes off, put it back on.  If your cap breaks, put it inside of your suit until after you have finished.


Parking Fee: ATTENTION ALL SWIMMERS AND SPECTATORS. Per policy at the Patriots Point Naval Museum, anyone who parks in the Patriots Point parking lot or road directly adjacent behind is expected to pay a $5.00 parking fee per car. We appreciate your understanding that this is mandated by the venue, Patriots Point and not the decision of The Lowcountry Splash.

Shuttle service from Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Center to Daniel Island for the 6 mile start will depart Patriots Point. The first shuttle for DI will leave early Saturday morning. See updated Splash Timeline and Schedule for Events for times.  One bus will stay on site at Daniel Island until race starts in the event that participants have to be taken back. See updated Splash Timeline and Schedule for Events for times.

Shuttle service from Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Center to Hobcaw Yacht Club for the 2.4 mile start is provided. See updated Splash Timeline and Schedule for Events for times..  The last shuttle will leave at a time to be determined.  See updated Splash Timeline and Schedule for Events for times.

You will be given a drawstring bag to take your stuff to the start and that bag will be taken from the start to the finish. You must include your cap and timing chip(s) in the items you take with you to the start of the race; both items are mandatory.  Make sure to pack a shirt in the bag; Patriots Point requires that everyone wear a shirt before you leave the docks.

There will be a bag collection location at 5 mile start and at the 2.4 mile start.

If you are not planning on riding the shuttle and will be dropped off at Daniel Island, you must let us know ahead of time.  Please send an email here.  Please no parking in the Daniel Island pier round-a-bout.

We strongly discourage participants from parking at Hobcaw Yacht Club. There is NO Parking Available and vehicles will be turned away. 

There will be no shuttle service or other form of transportation to return anyone to their car at Hobcaw Yacht Club.


Check-in - Swimmers must check in at the start locations on race day prior to the race.  There will be a check in sheet and you are required to check in before starting the race on race day. 

Warm up:  There will be a 15-20 minute warm up time designated area near the Start of the 2.4 mile race.  The 2.4 mile race will have some time once swimmers have begun to enter the water for the start to warm-up.  If you want to warm-up, then you will want to be one of the first to get in the water as the last swimmers entering the water will only have enough time to get to the start line.  There is no warm-up possibilities for the 5 mile swim.

Swimmer Briefing, and Head Count:  Prior to the start times, swimmers will gather near the docks for pre-race instructions and rules. As soon as the race director has completed the instructions swimmers will go through a head count at the docks to enter the water. Officials will count each swimmer into the water through a check-point. The race will begin as soon as head count is completed and the participants have made their way to the start line.

Starting Waves:  The 5 mile race start will have waves of swimmers starting every 30 seconds. For safety reasons, the slowest seeded waves will start first and the fastest seeded waves will start last; timing chips will adjust for your start time.  Slower waves should stay to the right of the course and allow faster swimmers to pass on the left side of the course when possible. The 2.4 mile race will only have ONE Wave start. One Wave means it’s a mass start of all swimmers in the water at the same time instead of groups of male vs female, fast vs slow or age group break downs.

Dropping out of the Race: For safety and scoring purposes, it is imperative that you report to an official if you are unable to complete the race. Whether you drop out before the race starts or during the race, and for whatever reason, please report to Check-in officials, a race safety vessel, or the timing officials at the Finish, to give them your name and race number. This ensures that we account for all swimmers.

Race Details

Water Temp: The average water temperature in May is mid to upper 70's.

6 mile hydration option - 6 mile swimmers may bring a bottle of their preferred hydration beverage to the start and give it to a race official where it will be taken to a boat roughly 2.2 miles into the swim.  The bottle must be clearly marked with the swimmer's race number for easy distribution.  Water will be provided at many locations along the 5 and 2.4 mile swims.

Entry into Water: 2.4 Mile - Once you have passed through the head count you may enter the water. You will jump/step into the water from the Hobcaw Yacht Docks.  6 Mile - you will start the race as soon as you pass a timer strip and jump into the water; the swimmers will enter the water in a controlled manner; please enter feet first.

Lowcountry Splash Race Courses

The Start Line: 2.4 Mile - The Start Line is a rope strung between the start boat and a buoy. The Starter will ensure that everyone is behind the Start Line before beginning the race. Both an air horn and a flag are used to start the race (audible and visible signals).  6 Mile - The Start Line is a timer strip that will be flat across the dock's edge; the swimmers' time will begin as soon as they cross the timer strip.

The Finish Line: 2.4 Mile and 6 Mile - The Finish Line is a floating dock near the end of the pier at the Charleston Harbor Marina.   Swimmers must swim under the boom under for the time to be captured.  If you miss the chute due to the current your time will not be captured.  There are a series of large buoys and swim ropes at the finish line.  NO ONE OTHER THAN AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL are allowed on the dock.

First Aid: First aid will be available at the Start, Finish, and along the course. Please notify the nearest race official should you require attention.

Race Safety: The US Coast Guard, Sullivan’s Island Fire and Rescue, Town of Mount Pleasant, and a fleet of kayakers and other safety vessels will monitor the course to ensure the swimmers' safety. There will be 6 foot tall buoys every ¼ mile and anchored boats across from the buoys to mark the course. Boats will be anchored closest to the shore and buoys will be closest to the channel.  To navigate the course, you must swim in between the anchored boats and the buoys.

The course will be patrolled by event staff and volunteers on boats, kayaks, and jet skis. If a swimmer feels unable to proceed or wants to get out of the water, they should attract the attention of safety personnel.  We have a safety plan in place and we can assist you to an anchored boat.

If you are approached by a kayaker blowing a whistle, stop swimming and give them your attention.  You may be in danger or off course.  They will direct you accordingly.

Swimmers enter this event at their own personal risk. They are responsible for their own physical condition, and are urged to train and have a medical check prior to entry. A swimmer deemed incapable of completing the course may be taken out of the water by safety officials at any time. You must comply with the directions of the race officials. Any swimmer who pulls out of the race must notify race officials immediately.

Please be aware that there are other buoys, docks and markers in the water along the course not related to the race. The fixtures may have barnacles or other marine growth that may cause abrasions or other injuries, and swimmers should avoid contact with them.

In case of emergency, air horns will be sounded repeatedly. Get out of the water immediately.

The Lowcountry Splash reserves the right to stop your swim if we have determined the conditions to be dangerous or if we are concerned for your welfare.  If you are asked to stop swimming you must comply.  You will be assisted to the nearest anchored boat.


  • All swimmers are required to wear the swim cap provided at all times during the race. Any swimmer crossing the Finish line without a swim cap will be disqualified.

  • The Lowcountry Splash utilizes USA swimming's rules on swimsuits. If you are swimming the Splash for fun and are not interested in getting a time that counts towards the awards categories, then you can wear anything you want.

  • Flotation devices and/or equipment such as snorkels or fins are permitted, but disqualify participants from awards. Permissible gear is limited to: goggles/mask, nose clip, ear plugs, swimsuit and cap.

  • Wet suits or technical suits are allowed but disqualify participants from winning awards. You can race but not win.

  • Personal Escorts will not be permitted in the race course. The race officials' primary concern will be for the health and safety of the swimmers and reserve the right to disqualify individuals and cancel the event if conditions warrant.

  • All swimmers must attend the pre-race briefing at either Daniel Island (6 Mile Splash) or Hobcaw Yacht Club (2.4 Mile Splash).All swimmers must go through the head count in order to start the race.

  • All swimmers must stay behind the Start Line and wait for the Starter’s signals. Both an air horn and a flag are used to start the race (audible and visible signals).

  • Participants must complete the race under their own power. Swimmers may rest at a safety vessel and then continue the race.

  • Standing on the bottom during a race shall not disqualify a swimmer but they may not walk or jump. Safer not to stand on the bottom.

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

  • Swimmers are required to finish the race between the buoys and the finish boom on the floating docks.

Channel Crossing

  • The 6 mile course will have a transition from the Daniel Island, starting side of the course to the Mount Pleasant, finishing side of the course. The above photo is of the start of the channel crossing. At the green buoy where the turn boat (a boat indicating where you should start your turn) will be stationed. You can see the crane at the SPA terminal that's furthest to the right. If you blow up the pic below you can see the red buoy marker in the background and our green buoy to the right of that; that's where the check in boat will be stationed. You must cross the channel at the marked locations and check in with the check in boat. This is MANDATORY. Failure to check in with the check in boats will result in a disqualification.

Channel Crossing

Finish Boom

Splash Finish.jpg


  • NO ONE OTHER THAN AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL are allowed on the dock.

  • For the 6 mile swim, the cut-off time to cross the channel is 1 hour and 5 minutes from the start time of the first wave. The cut-off time for the overall finish is 2 hours and 40 minutes from the start time for the 6 mile and 2 hours and 20 minutes for the 2.4 mile swim. If you are slower than this, you will be pulled from the water.

  • The Race Director’s decision is final.

  • Any swimmer dropping out before or during the race should check in immediately with a Race official AND the Timing Officials at the Finish or Start, reporting their race number and name. This is to help the us account for all swimmers.

  • Swimmers must adhere to the instructions of race officials.

  • Any action that may bring the event into disrepute may result in disqualification.

  • Violating any of these rules may result in disqualification.


Awards Ceremony: location is Omar Shrine Temple, which is .7 of a mile from Patriots Point on Patriots Point Road. We suggest you bring your own chairs for sitting. Music will be provided by a DJ and free beer for those of age.  The awards ceremony will begin after the swims. Awards for the top 3 men’s and women’s swimmers will begin as soon as the ceremony is finished. This is a great time to relax, rest, re-hydrate.  There will be plenty of food and beverages for all.

Top 3 Male & Female Overall

Age Groups

Under 15, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+ (no duplicate awards).

The Cooper River Over/Under Challenge

The Cooper River Over/Under Challenge consists of the best combined time for the Cooper River Bridge Run and the 2.4 Mile Splash (Top 3 Male, Female).

Team Competition

Make sure all swimmers on your team sign up with your team name during registration.

2.4 Mile - Consists of 10 or more swimmers from your club or masters team or you can select a group any ten swimmers to make a team. The fastest combined times of the swimmers from your team wins. If the team has more than 10 people, the fastest 10 times from your group will be counted toward the competition. 

6 Mile - Consists of 5 or more swimmers from your club or masters team or you can select a group any five swimmers to make a team. The fastest combined times of the swimmers from your team wins. If the team has more than 5 people, the fastest 5 times from your group will be counted toward the competition.